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We help small business thrive using digital marketing to elevate their products and services.

Running a business is hard. We get it and you’re going to need help and that’s exactly where our services come in – as your partner in success!

We support small business with the goal of helping you grow. We provide marketing support for your company so that we can help create an unshakeable foundation and ensure success!

What we do

Fresh Ideas for Every Business

Strategic Approach

We will help you create an end goal, set achievable objectives and milestones along the way towards meeting these goals in order of priority so that your campaign can be successful- not only aesthetically but also financially!

Creative Content

In the world of content marketing, creativity is key to success. One way for brands and businesses alike can use their imagination in creating engaging but informative pieces that will intrigue potential customers.

Optimise and optimise

You can't reach your full marketing potential without first understanding what it is that makes your audience tick. We will tap into those desires and optimise your content based on engagement statistics for success.


why are we the best?

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Proven Track Record

We’ve marketed our own successful events and we know how to make them stand out from others, so you don't have a hard time choosing between us!

No Commitment Free Strategy Session

We offer a non-obligatory commitment free strategy session to explore the best way forward for us, whether it be events or marketing.

Use Our Free Tools to Upgrade Your Business

Take your creative skills and business endeavours from the ground up with FREE tools.

Client testimonials

Some reviews from our clients

It was an absolute pleasure working with CD Events and their team! They were on the ball and very responsive throughout the whole process. Quality of work was amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to meet certain developer deadlines without their professional help. We look forward to future projects with this company.
Thanks very much for having us at the expo. The students were great and overall it was outstanding. Congratulations to you and your team on putting on a wonderful event! Please keep us in mind for future events.
Director & Career Coach
It was a really good experience. Carpe Diem has organised it really well. There were a big number of students and received a lot of student leads from the event
ZTA Education Consultants  

Our Happy clients

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